My ex is trying to get his ex before me back?

This is going to be long, bear with me. I dated a man a tad over a month. We were exclusive and saw each other a lot. He was going through a nasty divorce. His ex cheated on him during their marriage multiple times. He has 2 very little boys with her and it was tearing him apart emotionally not having them with him everyday. I held him while he cried over them. He claimed he hated his ex. The thought of her moving back in make him sick. He said he would never ever get back with her. Last weekend after our 4th of July camping trip we kind of had a misunderstanding and red flags starting popping up all over the place for me. I broke up with him once we got back in town. 4 days later I get a FB message from his ex asking if we were split up because he wanted to try to work things out with her. I contacted him and told him I do not want any of them contacting me anymore and good luck. He then replied that I had deleted him off of FB and so why does it matter? He was also mad that I had blocked him. I unfriended him because I did not want to see his posts and did not block him until I received a message from her. Question is? Why is he mad that I unfriended him? Why would that matter if you are trying to work things out with your wife? And do you think, once he realizes it isn't going to work with her--he will contact me again? Not sure I even want him to--but I always try to figure out what will happen next.
**UPDATE** My oldest daughters BF works for my ex. He says the ex wife contacted me on her own and told me that. That he is not trying to get her back and doesn't want her back and that she is just crazy. Hmmmmm.


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  • It wouldn't matter if he is trying to work things out with his wife. I think he wants his cake and eat it too so most likely he will come back once he realizes it is not going to work out.

    • She cheated on him and they were going through a divorce and were legally separated before we even met. So no he is not getting his cake and eating it also. But thanks.

    • All I am saying is that he might want it both ways. Being able to work on his marriage and have you there for him. Which is why I also think it's would lead him to come back if things go sour. But best of luck.

    • I agree. But he knows better then that-at least I hope. I broke up with him because I knew he was an emotional wreck and not really ready for a new relationship. So that's not going to change anytime soon. If he saw his divorce through and contacted me later-then maybe if I am still single I will give him another chance, but I am not holding my breath on that one. Thanks

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  • Why are you so bothered about your ex?

    • Because we just broke up and a lot of people end up back together. Duh?

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    • "I am A typical and I like to know what is going on or what could possibly happen next" - i. e snooping...

      I was ever arguing with you in the first place, you're the one who got slightly defensive.

      There's no point worrying over some guy who, days after breaking up with you gets with his old ex...

    • Again you didn't read to above post or the update. But whatever-it doesn't matter anyway.

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  • I don't think he's worth your time. Sounds to me like he can't make up his mind and if his ex doesn't want him back then he'll go back to you. don't be a 2nd choice, just move on completely from him, it isn't worth the bs.

    • From what I was told last night (per my update) he never asked his ex back, she sent me a PM and said that0-but it wasn't true. Either way he is still an emotional mess right now and so I am steering clear.

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