Is it wrong to breakup with someone from a distance?

I been dating this girl since 2012 and she agreed to be my sugarmama. It didn't plan out this way. Well she in the army and deployed and I noticed some weird crazy things about her. my family likes her hut they have no idea who she really is behind that face she wears. For some reason she laugh at death and bad happenings and she get pissed if she don't get attention. The reason it took me this long was because my family got too much Involved and basically made it difficult. When she was here her mission was my ex girlfriend. She got this attitude such as "you do what I say" attitude. She kept up drama with my ex and kept sending the police to her house. She basically forced me and my ex to stop talking because she lied to my mom and my mom got the police involved. She took over 200 photos of me including sleeping and praying and sitting In my car. While she was training I received friend requests from nearly her whole army unit. Now her Facebook is deleted as well as her friend Facebook page permantely. Now I received a friend request from her mom. Her mom went a month back on my Facebook and liked pictures of her. I have 3 Facebook pages and every status I make have to be about her so I barely get on there. I'm sitting here pretending to be happy because my family making it worse, my ex girlfriend changed cars 4 times because she keep forcing trouble with my ex. She using her deployment as an excuse to not breakup with her. My whole Facebook page consist of her army unit and friends. When she was here she created so much. Death and trouble make her happy. She drinked a lot. she tried to bust my windows out my car because I wouldn't sign a protection order against my ex.


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  • Dump her, file a restraining order against her, filing a police report against her, tell all of her friends that she is stalking you and then get back together with your ex-girlfriend or with another girl she doesn't know about and whose life she can't ruin.

    • This. Do This.

    • I can't talk to my ex because there is a protective order and a no contact order against her. On the 28th which was her deployment ceremony date I got called off work again. My ex went to jail because the girl dragged my mom in some mess and she believed and helped her. She had my ex arrested within 24 hours of her leave time. My ex go to trial August 12th

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  • I think we can call this a bitch and a traitor, flush that garbage ASAP, you'll thank yourself :)


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