Why did he break up with me, but keeps telling me "maybe one day I will change my mind"?

I dated this guy for a month and he broke up with me saying there are too many problems in his life and he needs to sort them out himself. Also before he started dating me, his ex has been begging to get back to him and he agreed to give it another go (He told me he dumped her cuz he is not in love with her anymore. But somehow he decided to try again?) and apparently dating me has made him hesitate but still he needs to stick to his decision.
But he just keeps saying how he truly likes me and he wishes he had known me longer and maybe his decision will be different. And maybe a few weeks later he'll realize his feelings for his ex can't come back and will beg me to take him back etc etc..
what the hell is going on? What is he thinking exactly? Am I too stupid for believing him?


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  • Timing is key. A whole bunch of things are happening for you and him but there is no time to even realize or think about them. You and him both need time to think and maybe he will change his mind


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  • Well he seems to be a guy who want's to honor his commitment to his ex but genuinely likes you. I think that he might be sincere about what he's saying but the fact that he started dating you and decided to go back to his ex whom he doesn't love makes him seem unsure of what he really wants. I wouldn't wait around for this guy just because I would be afraid he might keep jumping back and forth between you and other women.

    • Before he broke up with his ex he actually cheated on her. That's how he realized he was no longer in love.

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    • I don't know how many times he cheated on her before he realized he should break up with her but now I know he cheated on her with me. Because he was still seeing me after he told her "yes I'm coming back to you" . And yeah he felt terrible so he had to break up with me.

    • I really hope things work out however you want them to! Good luck.

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  • LOLbecause if things does not work out his way your his second or 3 choice! Don't be that girll

  • He's torn between what he knows with his ex and the unkown with you.


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