Should I break up with my boyfriend? I don't think he likes me anymore?

We are in a long distance relationship. We've been dating for 5 months. He hasn't called or texted me in a week. He does not work and he lives with his mom. We go to the same college.
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  • Doesn't work, lives with his mom, doesn't bother to even test you in a week? There is really no excuse in my opinion, his isn't putting any effort into it and that is very needed in a long distance.

    Try to talk to him and find out whats going on and if things continue then it is just best to end it.

    Worst possible case scenario is he is cheating.

    • He spends the night at his ex's house

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    • Should I break up through text or in person?

    • Normally I would say break up with someone in person but really if he isn't even bothering to put effort and its highly likely he is cheating on you, you really don't have to put with that or the effort into it. This is one of the rare cases I would say dump him with a text.

Most Helpful Girl

  • End it. He doesn't put any effort to work this out. Don't waste your time.


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What Guys Said 1

  • Yeah I'd say end it. Doesn't sound like a very good setup. No sense in wasting your time with someone you can't even talk to


What Girls Said 1

  • might check what he's up too. you might not know you're not the only one in his heart. ;)


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