Still contacted him for 4 days after break up, then went no contact. If he says something is missing, can he realise he has made a mistake later on?

My ex dumped me 6 days ago. Saying he did not feel spark, that something was missing.

I was understandably upset and so angry at him. Asking what caused this? Why?

Seemed more to me that I was not doing certain hinge he was wanting in a wife like, being in the kitchen more, putting him first.

I told him. If I was not a mind reader. He was like if you were the one you would have known. Seriously?

I also have been offering to help in the kitchen. He tells me he will do it himself. WTF?

Also that we were not bouncing off each other. Well he was not saying anything. So had nothing to go off. I tried to get things going myself but it did not keep going.

A couple of examples there.

We were fine while we were dating. We became official. Became sexual. Then about a week or so after that. It kind of deflated for him. He was saying we connected amazingly physically, but that something was missing.

I initiated a bit more to. Kicking myself that I should have held back a bit more but just thought, since were in a relationship now. That, that stuff did not matter anymore. Sigh.

After the break up. I did not react well. Just very angrily. That was understandable. Do wish I reacted more calmly. Forehead slap.

I got all emotional and sent a few texts a day for 4 days.

In between those forth day. He tells me that he still in the frame of mind that it is over. :(.

Trying to get him to see sense. Give him a few things to think about. Regarding us. On the forth day I told him I was going to stop contacting him and give myself time to heal after the break up.

I kick myself that I did that. I actually had deleted his number off my phone. But the bloody phone saved it. Then got over emotional and caved.

No nastiness or swearing in the texts. Just trying to get him see my point of view. Then stopped after 4 days.

Is there a chance he may come back? Have their been instances like this where the guy realised he made a mistake and come back?
It seemed like he was looking more at certain things, then me as a person. Also it seemed like, when we were apart he got insecure and was full of doubts about me, which makes it think that this was all about him, not me.
He admits he reads to much into things. Hence why I sent those texts. To try calm those doubts he had about me.

I think we disconnected a bit cause of our our work hours as well. They did not sync up. So time was fleeting. Don't know. Shrugs.


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  • You did your part. You said all you could. nit's up to him, you can't fix him. If he doesn't want you, move on.

    • Now It's* up to him.

    • Yeah. I don't wanna fix him. He is fine the way he is.

      I should have told him that in the texts. But started no contact so can't mention that.

      He is being stupid about the whole thing. But yeah whatever happens, happens I guess.

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