Will my ex girlfriend ever come back to me? What can I do to make her believe I will never hurt her again for as long as I live?

We were extremely lucky to have found true love and loved eachother more than ever imagined.

We broke up because i spent too much attention on my friends rather than her and it made her insanely jealous and angry with me all the time. She thought I was flirting with other girls too (my friends which wasn't the case). Everytime we got into arguments about it, she said she would break up with me (more than 5 times). I started to lose faith in our relationship because of these reasons and couldn't breathe anymore so I decided to walk out. After leaving it, I started dating another girl out of pure rebound due to my sadness and anger. A few days later my ex came to beg me back bawling and saying she felt like killing herself. I was still sad and angry but eventually saw that she was sincere and said i will come back, give me a little time. After some time I decided to come back but by this time she said no, she needs to think things through. 2 weeks after that she revealed that she had a new boyfriend and that she was serious with him and never wanted to come back with me again. A month and a half past and I had no contact with her. Eventually she reached out to me under a different name and admitted that she missed me and loved me still. I told her I was happy with my life but I wanted her back. I gave her all the reasons to come back but she says it will happen again. She keeps telling me how safe the new guy is despite her true love and happiness with me.

I learned a huge lesson and I sincerely know what it's like to lose someone you truly love. How could I let it happen again when I know everything that went wrong and know how to fix it.

She says my new girl is luckier than her. She says that she truly loves me but we can not be together again and that even though we will always think of each other, she should only wish happiness for each other. Is she being real or confused and will eventually come back?
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  • Sometimes you realize that a relationship is not worth it. It doesn't mean you no longer have feelings for the person but it's just that logically your mind is telling you it won't work out long term. I think this is what she realized. Deep down she figured that a relationship might not work for her and that it will not be the same. Hence why she says you two can't be together. I mean the fact is, if she truly wanted to be with you then she'd be with you... that's how it works. If you are so completely in love with someone then you're not going to NOT be with that person. Somewhere something is pulling her back and she's following her gut. You should respect her decision and try to move on.


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  • Its probably for the best to cut ties.


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  • It really seems that she does want to be with you , but at the same time she's confused and probably paranoid about your guy's relationship because of the trust issues, if you do end up pursuing it.
    How long have you guys been together?

    • It's a long distance relationship. We spent 7 months chatting/ video chatting everyday for many many hours and 5 months together physically every minute everyday. This relationship lasted about a year.

    • You should drop it. What's the worst that can happen? If you guys are meant to be then you'll find a way... Just not at the moment

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