Working things out with my ex?

So my ex. and I are trying. to work things out, but I'm. still so angry at her for even breaking up with. me. The whole break up was about us argueing and loosing ourselfves in this relationship,. Now as we're trying. to work it out. all I can do is be angry for her even breaking up with. me. I moved back to California cuz I knew we needed. to work on our relationship and as I move back she kicks. me. out of our apartment and. breaks up with me while we talked about working on our relationship, and now she wants. to take things slow and slowly build ourselves but I'm still so angry that I keep picking fights. All I want to do is work on things but I can't help it but. pick fights. She was just. so rude an mean it's like I didn't even. know who this person was. What should I do?


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  • Calm down, talk to her and be reasonable. Fighting and arguing isn't going to get the two of you anywhere. You need to relax and talk to her in a relaxing environment.

    • Thank you and that's very true because it hasn't gotten us anywhere! We're still in the same position. I didn't really realize that, I needed to hear that

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