A guy said to me "i hoep you find mr right"?

an ex who i recently started speaking to again and then it was like nothing had ever happened, he's got a new girlfriend and said we can't be friends cos it would be friends, he then said he hopes I find mr right because i deserve it? he asked how my love life was and was shocked i hadn't done anything with anyone since we last spoke then started going on about how i will find mr right and i will just know when i do, it will happen when i least expect it. is this his polite way of telling me to move on and that he has found the right person for him?


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  • Can mean several things, unfortunately text doesn't often communicate the tone of the voice or the overall behaviour. So I'm going to have to do some guess work. I thought I was going to understand his reaction to you being single since you both broke up to be insincere, maybe he was gloating, but then I saw he said "you deserve [mr. right], I figured he's not being mean to you.

    I think you're asking such a question because it somehow got to you?

    • yeah i thought we were headed to getting back together, but then his new girlfriend has fallen pregnant. he said that he made a mistake but has a commitment now that what is getting to me tbh then he starts going on about mr right

    • Yeah, clearly it's bothering you. You can just admit he's beyond your reach, or you can refuse that and breakup the couple before their child's born. You can't do much. So why don't you substitute your sadness over him for a thought such as "who is this Mr. Right that is perfect for me?" Do that, maybe I can help you find him.

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  • he is teeling you you are a good girl and wishes you best in your life. He doesn't wish you to feel pain for anything you did or anyone u hurt. he is just like I am sometimes.

  • Yes. He wants you to be happy but without him. He also likely doesn't want you causing any problems with his current relationship.


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