The girl who I love left me, how to forget her while still love her?

I love this girl and can't forget her. We recently had break up she left because I dated another girl behind her back. Now she's gone and left me heartbroken. I can't forger her I did everything to change her mind but she didn't listen to me and left.
I can't forget her and still love her. What to do now?


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  • Well, you sure put yourself into a tough spot.

    First off, I'm sure you know by now that the choice you made was a poor one. Going forward, you certainly know now what is likely to happen if you decide to try that again.

    For now, there is nothing - I repeat, NOTHING - you can say to her that will mean anything. You violated THE most basic and important foundation to the relationship. You didn't respect her. How can you possibly love her and want to be with her if you can't even respect her enough to stay faithful, and communicate with her if you're having issues with the relationship? You never even gave her an honest chance to work with you on these issues. That's what she is feeling at this moment.

    What you need to do for now is this. Do you have any real reason to contact her? What I mean is, do you have children? If there are kids involved, you'll have to contact her regarding them (things like visitation schedules, appointments, schooling, etc.). Do you two have a lease together, or some other type of mutual business transaction? Do you have property with her, or does she have property with you? If so, you contact each other ONLY regarding these issues, and NOTHING else. If not, you need to cease all contact for at least a month. Not for ANYTHING. No exceptions.

    Perhaps after some time has passed, she will at least give you an opportunity to offer a single, sincere, and real apology. An apology where you only acknowledge your own shortcomings, what you did wrong to her, what you learned from that experience, and what you will give an honest effort to do going forward. This is not likely to be enough to win her back, so don't think that's going to happen. But at least you are respecting her enough to own your mistakes, and not blame her or someone else for them. At least it should help reduce some of the bitterness towards you.

    • Do not - I repeat, DO NOT - try to contact her to tell her you love her, and miss her. All you will do is insult her, and drive her away. DO NOT contact her just to "see how she is doing," or just because you want to "try to be friendly," or because "you care about her." Only contact her for any necessary things involving a very limited set of topics (if they apply to your situation), and only discuss things that are 100% on-topic. Don't even try "Yes, I'll pick up the boy Saturday at 2:00. By the way, are you doing ok?" NO!

      If she allows you the opportunity eventually to apologize to her, apologize one single time, own all your mistakes, ask for forgiveness, and hope that it will be good enough for her. DO NOT apologize repeatedly. If you can't get her back after one apology, you can't get her back at all. DO NOT break out "I miss you and I love you." It won't make a difference, anyways.

    • We are coworkers ! Its hard to don't contact her.
      She told me before that she would stay with me no matter what happened but she easily left.

    • Wow. And this is why they say you shouldn't date co-workers. lol

      Sorry. Anyways, you work with her. Limit any and all contact with her to strictly and only professional matters. No small talk, or anything else. Just straight business. Keep it calm, and only about work.

      You cannot blame her for this change of heart. After all, you showed her you had a change of heart. She doesn't owe you loyalty where you have demonstrated none towards her.

      At least you two should be able to maintain a professional relationship. If not, one of you should honestly consider leaving the company, or transferring to another department where you're less likely to be involved with each other.

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  • Well what the hell else do you expect? Do you really think you deserve her back? If you really love her, you need to let her go. If she decides to forgive you, she will. If she won't, do what she did & move on.

    • She didn't care how much I love her , she left easily. I know what I did was wrong but she even didn't get me a second chance.

    • You should've considered that before you did what you did.

    • I didn't know how much it could be wrong.
      But she told me before that she would stay with me no matter what happened but she easily left.

  • If you loved her just like you say, dating another girl behind her back wouldn't even cross your mind.

    • It was a mistake the other girl was a homewrecker she had a boyfriend and knew that I had a girlfriend.

    • Dont blame the other girl only cause its your fault too. Like they say ''it takes 2 to tango'' so its your fault as much as hers. You could have avoided all of this if you where faithful to your ex girlfriend.

  • Man up, nigga


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