Could a friend bashing the girl end a relationship?

So I started seeing a guy for 2 months, and everything was fine but then I went on vacation for a week and I came home he was ignoring me and finally I got it out of him that he wasn't interested anymore. It seemed kind of quick to all of a sudden lose interest in someone you were dating. So then I began to think, I hooked up with his friend a few times about a year ago, things were not good between us we fought a lot. I found out a couple weeks into dating the new guy that he was friends with the other guy. I never mentioned it to the new guy because of how things were with the other guy, but if he asked or brought him up I would tell him. So do you think he found out and maybe the one guy bashed me or told him to not see me and that's why he stopped?


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  • I think he might've ended things with you because it's just a genuinely awkward, weird situation to be in. Not to mention unexpected.


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