Will it work out this time between me and my ex?

I was with my ex for 2 years but he moved away due to his work. We became long distance but he broke up with me cuz he started enjoying dating other women. Another year has past and now he's moved back and we started seeing each other again. It was really good. Old feelings came back and we were talking about trying again to have a relationship.
However a month later he met a girl and he was since having a real hard time making up his mind cuz he likes her a lot. I gave him an ultimatum. And he chose me but told me "not sure if it will work out but i will try".
However I found out later he was still seeing her. I know he wouldn't be seeing her for long cuz she will be leaving this town. And he promised he will stop this mistake he just needs a bit time.. and he did 2 weeks later.
so far everything seems good and he's really loving towards me but I still have a bit concern since he "cheated".
Any advice guys? Does he really love me?


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  • If you found he was cheating as soon at you guys started back again then that is a red flag off the bat.

    If you do choose to continue then keep your heart close.

    • what do you think that means? that he will cheat again?

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    • but why would he still choose me instead of the new girl?

    • It really hard to say. Try to enjoy your time together but don't put you whole heart into it unless you feel you can.

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  • I've been reading some of your questions , I think your problem is you let the guys make all the decisions. You should stop taking men back that cheat on you , You follow every lead. You've control of your on body , If you want to just let men use you for sex that's your choice and they will treat you as that. The reason this guy chose you over the other girl is because you stated she was leaving town , So that means he has better chances of getting sex with you rather than someone who lives out of town. No your worth.


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