Girlfriend ended things over the phone. Then asks me if she sees us together in the future. Need some helpful advice please 😊?

So here it is.. Me and my ex girlfriend have been together for eight months. She is 18 and I'm 20. Four and a half weeks ago she asked for a week break of space so she could figure out what she wanted in her life. We talked a little during that time but not much. At the end of that week I got a phone call and she decided to end it. She told me that, " I want to go have fun with my friends, I want to party, I want to get wasted and have fun, I do not want to feel like I'm tied down and that she hasn't been happy for two months now ". I agreed with the breakup Because this is what she wants and I'm not going to beg her for one more chance. She made up her mind. I said go and have your fun and give me a text when your done. She also asked me, " do you ever see us getting back together in the future "? I said I'm not sure Because I need my space now. But then I said later on yes to stop her from crying so much. I tried telling her one last time what she meant to me but stopped me because she was crying pretty hard. We have been NC ever since and haven't spoken to one another. Two weeks into NC she deleted photos of us off Facebook etc so I removed her from my Facebook.

I'm wondering if she will ever contact me again? Think if we will get back together? What is she thinking and going through her mind? Thankyou so much for all your advice! 😊
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  • First off, I'll answer your questions and then give explanations as to why I wrote what I did!

    1) I can't say that she won't contact you, because she may just make up her mind, call you and beg you to come back to her. many times girls are going to do this because she finally realized that she made a mistake and is calling you to make amends. and then to get back together.

    2) No, I don't think that you guys will ever get back together. When time is taken off from a relationship, their are many things that are done on both sides. Whether it be having fun, making out, having sex, going to bars, etc… she's not going to tell you and you aren't going to tell her anything. so their will always be a doubt in each others minds about the other. Also if she told you she isn't happy with your relationship with her, why would you want to go back and make her… "UN-happy". Doesn't make any sense. (P. S. she was unhappy because she realized that she wasn't going to be able to have the "college experience" of getting shit faced.)

    3) She's thinking exactly what she told you, that she " wants to go have fun with her friends, wants to party, wants to get wasted and have fun, she doesn't want to feel tied down and that she hasn't been happy for months". She told you everything she wanted. And when she got it, she regretted it. Because you are most likely an awesome person, and were probably a great guy.

    I think, you would be better off just moving on and finding someone who isn't going to leave you to have fun. Its all a load of BS. You deserve better.


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  • I think its pretty much over there will be some back and forth probably but its all just games and you shouldn't play them. In my opinion you should find someone who does want you and wants to be with you and move on from this. You'll be happier that way.

  • The thing is, she broke up with you. She hasn't been happy with you. She clearly still has feelings for you BUT she also doesn't want to be in this relationship with you. I don't know why she would ask you if you'd get back together in the future, that seems really strange and cruel to me. She's dumping you but.. wants to make sure that you'll be there for her if she wants to date you in the future, after she's gone partying and hooked up with a bunch of guys? I think she wants to have her cake and eat it too. It's not healthy for you.

    I don't know what she's thinking but the bottom line is, she doesn't want you anymore. I think you should find someone else. She wants to move on, you should too.

  • Honestly neither of you will have a good reaction because you don't know what to do. If she wants to go out and have her fun then let her and you should too... i'd say stay out of contact until you don't feel like you need to talk to her... only when you want to talk to her and see if there's anything new, how she's doing to show you care... if you give her that time then you contact her to see how she's doing not making it seem like you want to get back together right away, that'll prove to her that you really do care about her then from there she can think about if she wants to get back together with you, but at this point it's up to her to decide that much.

  • I'm late... but anyways, Yes she might come back if she really loves you. Or who knows, maybe over time you will forget about each other.. but, if u take her back I don't think it would be the same at all. It's like she knows you will do anything for her, she might end up taking you for granted. I know I would feel like i had the upper hand if a guy would take me back after all the crap i put him through. Sad but true.

    So don't be a push over. (No offense) if she would have really wanted to be with you and loved you, she would have stayed with you.. just because you're in a relationship doesn't mean u can't have fun. She obviously doesn't know what she wants. And I don't think she loved you that much, because I know if I LOVE a guy, I would NEVER leave him for something stupid like this... She is just being petty and causing drama... -_- maybe a little immature. But I can't judge, because I don't know her. So good luck. !!

  • Honestly i couldnt tell u for sure if she's gonna come back but to me if she does she would only be using you. Seems like your her booty call in a sense. She wants to go out and party and said she's done with you but asks if YOU think you could get together in the future. She seems the type that likes to be in control. If she wants to party then a relationship is definitely for her. Honestlh if i were you i would want nothing more to do with her and to just move on. she's picked whats more important to her


What Guys Said 1

  • When she contacted you, you should have told her you wanted to see her. Took her out and had fun with her. No pressure, no discussion of the past, no regret. Just fun and feeling like you did when you first met her.

    She clearly felt deeply for you but was scared of being locked down. The problem you are now facing is that the last time you spoke she felt gutted and devastated. Crying all the time. This is why she is now removing all traces of you. I think she feels she will be hurt if she contacts you again.

    The complication here is that when she said " do you ever see us getting back together in the future "? you said yes but didn't offer a venture out. Try shooting her a text telling her you want to see her. Have fun with her. No pressure. Good luck.


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