I just 'broke up' with him. Help me?

I never officially went out with this guy but we were on the verge of it. I broke things off with him mainly because he was asking me to stay the night at his house (he's 19 with his own house, not even room mates, and im 17; before anyone says anything about it being creepy, he is only one grade level above me, and a year and half-exactly actually- older) I would never do something like that, cause I know that's asking for trouble
I also feel like he didn't respect my faith very much, which is a big part of who I am

I know we were too different to go any where in the long run. But I still feel like I made a mistake and I still really like him

What can I do to get over him? I'm done talking to him and I don't want to go into a 'rebound' relationship. And I feel kind of helpless right now. Please anything you say I'm sure will help


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  • Just forget him. Respect, trust, and safety are nothing he has to offer.

    • But how? I know I did the right thing, but my heart is saying go back to him, apologize and hope for the best, which I know I can't do.

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    • "Time, Love, and Tenderness" -Michael Bolton. Seek out your friends, mine have really reminded me what life is really about. I've never needed a woman for happiness, though I won't deny that they sure help. Yeah, you'll spend about a week thinking about him and what it could've been, but it'll wear off soon. Your best friends are exercise, comedies, and an occasional ice cream. Good luck!

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