I think I'm falling out of love with him?

We've been dating for a while (close to 2 years. We're long distance, now we love together ) & I like talking and spending time with him still, but the spark just doesn't feel as there anymore, and even when the sex is really good, it's not as emotionally satisfying as it used to be.
Unfortunately, because of the long distance, we won't be able to "take a break" or really give each other space. So I'm not sure what I should tell him, or if I should tell him anything and just wait. He's been busy at work, working overtime and our job hours conflict sometimes so I don't know if we need to just reconnect or if I should end it. I don't want to be like "I might be falling out of love with you, but I might not be. Who knows..." Is there a way to talk to him about how I'm feeling without saying those words? I've already asked for a bit more quality time and gotten it on a few occasions. I just don't know what else to do. I don't want to break up. But I also don't want to feel permanently emotionally unsatisfied


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  • It sounds like you guys are caught up in a routine. Definitely talk to him and let him know your not emotionally satisfied. You just need a reminder of why you love him so much. I would recommend a long week end camping or a road trip, just something to escape day to day stress. Some alone time for a few days will definitely help you figure out how you feel


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