I want to get my ex back but I'm unsure if there's a chance. I can't understand his mixed signals. Help would be great!!?

Boyfriend of a year and a half dumped me nearly three months ago. He made up some lame excuse but admitted recently the reason was because he felt like the relationship was getting serious and we have both just turned 18 so we should have some freedom. After the breakup we stayed in contact, hung out multiple times until I realised each time I saw him we just talked about our relationship and what went wrong and it would upset me. I did the usual, begging for him to take me back and all that. Last week he messaged me telling me he thought about getting back with me, but whats stopping him is the freedom that he now has. He said working things out at this moment isn't something he would like to do, but he can't speak for the future yet. It was then i decided to tell him I understand his need and desire for freedom at this age and I'm going to respect that. I also decided it was time I cut contact with him.

I'm wondering if after this phase of freedom, clubbing and drinking every weekend has passed if he will coming back. Will me limiting contact make him realise that I'm not going to wait around, make him realise what his lost? Is there still a chance? We were in love and although we are very different people somehow something just clicked and we worked. Everybody thought we would be the couple that stayed together, because through everything we always worked it out. The only issue we had was his friends were very big on the party scene, and believed if he wasn't with me he would be able to hang with them more often. I think the pressure of his friends has played a large role in this need for freedom. I just miss him, and not having him has made me realise how much I love him and want him back!
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  • Oohk... From what you've shared... I can see thaf this guy is pretty confused... I think you should give him space but nit too much of it... Shiw him that you care for him... For example at a weekend party... Maybe just before he leaves... Ask him to not get too drunk and that it'll affect him... Blah blah... And i think you should also take a bit of you freedom... Go, enjoy... Go party.. And make sure you show him that you are alsi having fun (with your freedom)... And reduce contact... So now if he really really loves you... He's gonna ask you y you hadn't called... And about how your day went... And literally will extend a little to increase contact... (that's when you don fall completely and start over)...
    But dont hold yourself from telling him how much you love him... And that all this party stuff is getting you happy buy not as much as spending time with him gave you...
    (objective is that he should end up saying the same thing... That even he enjoyed his freedom... But is more happy with you... Locked up in your arms :) )
    Best of luck ;) ... True love can never be kept apart...


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  • There's a chance BUT I'd be willing to bet that by the time this phase has passes you will have moved in. It's great that you are on good terms just in case but don't sit around waiting in him to decide he's done with that phase. Enjoy it too and let life and whoever else comes into it happen and don't think about what's to come with him.


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  • You are young and so is he. You two will go through tons of changes in the next 5-10 years and be little like you are now.
    Forget about any future with him. Close that chapter and move on. Don't hang up on this guy. All it does is limit you in the now and future.
    He doesn't want a serious relationship with you. It was young love that is over.
    The sooner you move on from him, the sooner you can start your life and be happy in it.


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