Why did my ex lie, and say that I abused her?

My most recent ex girlfriend, and I broke up a little over 3 months ago. It wasn't the easiest breakup, but it was one to where we both could eventually be friends in the end. After deciding that we just lived too far apart, and couldn't see one another as much as we liked (she taking it the hardest). We broke it off, and decided to spend some time apart.
As of the last few months, we had rekindled a tad here and there, but mostly stayed apart until as of recently I had to break it off. I wasn't expecting this at all, but through the grapevines of one guys she went on a date with (a friend of a friend), and a couple of mutual friends of ours as well. She said that I had physically abused her during our relationship. To which I never ever touched her in such a way (not even a little push), and was extremely good to her.

Can anyone explain why in the world she is doing this, and what should I do?


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  • Ahh... that biyotch selling a sob story to get intrest of another guy. thats it. Some girls can be bitches at times, confront her and tell her not to spread words like these...

    • Tried this the other day, and basically after admitting to it. She cussed me out big time, and said some God awful things to me. ... yea

    • I am sorry to hear that, all you can do now is just let her be, I guess she is just mad at you for breaking up, once she is out of that zone I hope she'll realise what she did was wrong.
      All d very best:)

    • It's funny as she's the one who actually originally threw out the idea of wanting to break it off. Apparently I got the short end of the stick with this one. lol

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  • Because she's a bitch. The only thing you can do is start explaining to your mutual friends your side of the story.


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  • Maybe becuz she's a crazy byatch. Explain to people what really happened.

    • I'm trying to deal with it as diligently as possible, but I'm afraid that you're right and I will eventually have to explain to some. My close friends know she's full of it, but I'm afraid that the others will believe her. Though, I'm going to try to take the high road, and just be honest and upfront. Without showing any signs of aggression.

    • Goodluck. Prove the crazy betch wrong

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