My ex left me because he couldn't forgive me for a mistake, only "loves me as a friend," but goes out of way to make me jealous?

My ex boyfriend left me as a result of a relationship error I made, we dated for four years. He says he "only loves me as a friend" yet constantly goes out of his way to make me jealous or feel bad. For example, the other day he sent me pictures of him and this new girl getting trashed on alcohol.

Does this mean he still has feelings and wants me? Or what?


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  • No, it means he is punishing you. Whatever "error" you made hurt him deeply. He is not over it. he won't be over it until he has trashed you in his mind and heart enough, and hurt you bad enough, to where he feels better about himself.

    Some friend.

    My advice is to confront him on it, and tell him, if that's what he is going to do, then you don't want any more contact with him, unless you want him to keep it up, which he will.

    • I'd prefer to have him back in my life and date again, so how am I suppose to go about that?

    • You want to date a vindictive man like that again? That's a bad idea. Also, you hurt him enough to where he is going out of his way to hurt you back. Do you think he will just somehow forget it? Do you think he is the type to hold it over your head?

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  • He's being immature and trying to hurt your feelings or get a rise out of you.


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  • If he really cared for you then he wouldn't be trying to hurt you.. If you were cool with being friends after 4 years then that would be one thing but after 4 years it's hard for any relationship to turn into friends. You can either tell him how you feel about the situation and move on if he doesn't understand where you are coming from or just straight up take it because I think he's got a different plan from yours

    • So no feelings here- just him being a douche?

    • I'm sure has feelings but obviously the guy is out to hurt you. And do you want to be with a guy that sends pics of drunk girls to you? I'd block him or ignore all multi media text messages before it gets worse

  • He is trying to hurt you as he felt you hurt him. What was your "relationship error"?


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  • Drop him as a friend until you get over him. He's punishing you.


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