HELP! The mans brain is so confusing. What is my boyfriend thinking?

My boyfriend and have been having our ups and downs for about a month. During our last bad argument we didn't actually say we were broken up. He won't answer my texts and he hasn't texted me in a week and half.
He hasn't told his close friends we've broken up. He hasn't officially said we've broken up and he hasn't even contacted me.
Is it space that he seems to need? Does he even think about us? I am so confused. Considering I'm the one who got hurt and is very mad as upset. Why does he seem like he doesn't care and can't tell his friends we broke up


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  • You are broken up. Stop worrying about who he told what. You had a serious relationship ending fight and no contact in over a week. It's over! He hasn't said it, but so what. He is waiting for your next move. Do what is right and make it formal since he doesn't have the balls. Just wish him well and let yourself heal and move on with your life.


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  • Sorry to hear that,
    Well first of I can sound a little harsh but I have been going through the same.
    Acc. To me they just don't seem to care if they hurt us, they just need a way to escape all the drama and complains because they don't have the guts to come in facts with what they were upto was wrong or of not wrong then something which upsets us.
    Men like to have a girlfriend who can just take care of them as if we are their moms, I mean we can care and look after them we do love to do that. But in a relationship two people must do things which a mutually acceptable. All they crave is for fun part and when there are problems they run showing their arses. I mean really girl if he was the one who upset u then stop calling or texting, you are just giving in too much. Let him learn the fact clear enough if there is something he did wrong, it is him who has to correct it. You don't have to clean up after his mess. You have all thee right to say what you feel and if he can't take it them just leave him to his own good.


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  • Sounds like he's not your boyfriend anymore to be honest and has no desire to speak with you

  • The womans brain is so confusing.

    You are making no sense either. Stop over thinking things.

    If you want clarity talk to him directly.


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