Could anyone give me advice on making my ex-boyfriend just stop already?

He keeps constantly making it clear that he still has feelings for me. He bought me a piece of jewelry recently and he keeps asking if he can send it to me (he lives in a different area). He'll tell me little things like, "Did I ever tell you how much I love you?" and all that, but I just want him to let go and find someone else. See a recent question -- he's STILL trying to guilt me back into the relationship.

I'm just not into him, but he won't let go.


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  • Stop communicating with him or, at least, limit the interactions between you two. As communicating with him only gives him false hope that somehow, some way, he has a chance to win you over. I mean, has feelings for you, therefor, he cannot be a platonic friend to you. And as long as he can reach out to you, he will not go away without a fight.

    You simply have to have the courage to convey to him via your actions that you have been there, done that, moved on.


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  • Tell him to leave u alone and talk it out and explain u never wanted him as simple as that (:


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  • You need to cut off contact altogether. I've been through a similar situation myself with an ex girlfriend, and trust me it is hard but it works and he will get the message.

    Next time he contacts you, politely tell him to stop and that you do not want to hear from him anymore, state that this is the last time you will speak with him and end it there. Switch your phone off/change your number, delete him off any social media and just break your routine. It's called the No Contact rule, do a Google search there is plenty on it.

    My ex refused to accept the fact that I broke up with her and eventually through doing these actions she got the message. Good luck.

    • The no contact rule is also used to get an ex back. So this can have the opposite effect.

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