Would did you do to help you get over an ex?

Now I know what I have to do is break all ties and forget. about her accept the fact that she has moved on and stuff. I've gotten rid of no contact deleted all number, fb, snapchat anything we may come across each other on I've deleted. But it's the fogetting her part that's got me. I don't know if it's the knowing she sleeping with someone else. My suspicions of the reasons for our break up... I don't know it's just like to have her out of my mind I know you can't help your thoughts and time probably is the answer it's been months and I feel no different. Any tips that helped you personally if you ever found yourself in this position in the past? And I'm not really about sleeping with others just to unload on its not fair and yeah.. shoot :)


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  • Well I had an ex that I was madly in love with and obsessed with, what actually made me forget that I loved him was finding a new guy who made me forget all about him. Unfortunately the guy who made me forget about my ex is now also an ex... :/

    • I think that's my only option for now but I can't. Can't even imagine myself even sleeping with someone else let alone love them. Just gotta ride it out I guess. Thanks

    • I know exactly how you are feeling, I don't know how to picture my life without my most recent ex, can't picture myself with anyone else ever. :/

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  • Talk to her as much as possible to get closure then find a rebound asap. If you can't talk to her, just get a rebound. Fuck that bitch lol.


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