Having a delayed reaction to my break up... wonder if I should get help?

Here is a question I asked a while ago www.girlsaskguys.com/.../q1064693-miss-the-friendship-i-had-with-my-ex-but-seriously-don-t-care-about

It has been a month since I broke up and the truth is things are getting worse. Yesterday was my birthday and a part of me was wishing that my ex would say happy birthday (just something simple and sweet). I went out and got wasted and slept with two random girls. Woke up feeling even more depressed today. I got a hunch she's dating a guy she met at her new job. Considering how things ended up in my relationship I shouldn't let this bother me... but it is.

I'm a full grown man, and I've been through break ups before. I'm familiar with this depression... I know it will eventually subside. However I wonder if I should go see a counselor. I have been engaging in some very risky behavior. I'm trying to put on my tough guy face... but my insides are falling apart.


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  • Break ups can take years to get over, or not. Don't worry. Don't be hard on yourself. You deserve to grieve and bask in your feelings, its okay. Its okay to feel the way you're feeling now. If you're really worried, then it wouldn't hurt to see someone to get help.


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