Bf broke up with me over a week ago, are these signs he regrets it?

My boyfriend broke up with me a little over a week ago out of the blue right after we got back from a family trip. The break up came after an argument and I had just found out about a lot of personal issues with him that are contributing factors. He had no solid reasons for it, so I'm still pretty confused.

We are in college and live in the same apartment complex, and we also work together. Almost a week after the breakup we worked together for the first time and I noticed him watching me several times and going out of his way to be around me. We didn't speak at work and I had not contacted him at all since the breakup. That night he posted a status update saying he had been dealing with a lot of emotional stuff that day. A few days later he posted another one saying how "it's been a hard week" (at this point we had been broken up a week).

I texted him last night about some of his belongings I still had and didn't bring up our relationship or ask personal questions. He was being amicable, not cold or short like I expected him to be (and how I was being, to be honest). I told him to let me know when he wanted his stuff and he responded "Alrighty will do". I stopped responding after that. Why won't he just get his stuff and get it over with? It would literally take 5 minutes to do, and I haven't been talking to him about us or showing him how upset the breakup made me so he doesn't need to worry about that.

Anyways, the ball is in his court now and it's up to him to get his things back. That's the only reason I texted him, so I would leave it up to him so I wouldn't look like I was holding onto his stuff on purpose. Thoughts?


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  • Give him a day. If he doesn't get his stuff, just take it down to his apartment when you know he is home.

    • I'd rather not show up at his place, I wouldn't want him thinking I'm just looking for an excuse to see him

    • Then either leave his stuff at his place and text him its there or bring it with you to work and give him his stuff there. If he won't come get his stuff and you want it out you either get it to him or throw it out. Might not be a bad idea to have friend with you if he comes to get it or you take it there.

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