Ex's friend adds me on Facebook? Don't know what to think?

Sooo... my ex's friend tried to add me on Facebook just 5 mins ago... We haven't talked for 8 months... and I had already deleted her at the rest of my ex's friends back then too.

Anyway... my ex dumped me 10 months ago and it was a really bad time for me. I still do like her.

She also randomly blocked me 6 months into the break up, and we've had almost 0% contact besides her being very angry at me (and her friends being angry at me) ...

I don't know what to think.


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  • ditch them it seems like they've been complete asses to you and they dont deserve your time. however if you like this girl still maybe its a good thing if you want to be friends with them. buti'd try and avoid the heart brea all over again


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  • Don't accept and don't think twice about it. Most likely a bad set up along with opening personal wounds that have started to heal. Leave your ex, her friends and world as nothing but part of your past.


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  • Just say "fuck em" and move on. Who cares if someone's angry, it's nothing to worry about. If you like your ex's friend, talk to her, pretend nothing happened. Whatever.

    • I still like my ex... I'm not ready to move on if she hasn't... if she's angry at me, she must still have feelings for me.

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    • Grow up.

    • That'll take a long time, I'm planning on my beard hitting maybe 6 or 12 inches. But thank you. That's the sweetest thing you've said to me so far. Why if I was your ex, I'd have my legs wrapped around you in an instant. Unfortunately I'm running out of damns to give, hold on, let me see if I've got one in the stash, brb.

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