Have you ever gotten back with someone after being in another relationship with someone else?

Just curious.. I know I have a long time ago but that relationship was a disaster and didn't last long after we got back together. I have been seeing this girl for 1 year and when we broke up we would text every now and then, mainly about her belongings that were insignificant.. She has been cold for about a month now basically blaming me and calling me selfish so i blocked her on FB and deleted her off other social media sites just because I had a feeling she was going to try to hurt me in another way. Which now I am glad I did because July 4th weekend she ended up getting into another relationship with another guy. It's been 2 weeks since we have text each other and the last conversation we had was us arguing..


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  • Going back to an old relationship is like reading a book you've already read. The ending will always be the same

  • yes i have! the chemistry was the same even after all of the hurt.


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