Having a hard time dealing with though of girl being with another guy on intimate level?

I'm not having as much of an issue with her dating another guy as much is having trouble dealing with though of her being with him on a sexual level. as there likely having sex as its been over a month since she started going out with the new guy and I haven't even heard much from her since then. I always found her very physically attractive and most guys want to have sex with her. and it annoys me that he gets to be with her on that level but I can't be with her anymore. now maybe part of the problem is I haven't yet been with anyone else since the break up or had sex myself yet but have meet some new girls I was interested in.

anyways not sure how I can get over this or get these thoughs out of my head of her being with this guy. its starting to bug me


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  • if u broke up with someone, thats it its done. she has no obligation to u and u have none to her. u are free to move on and find a life partner. u broke up for a reason if u can't be with her then remind urself why.


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  • You absolutely have to stop thinking about that. She's moved on, you have to too. As hard as it may be you need to forget about that part of your relationship and focus on your future. I'm in exactly the same boat as you (only she found her new guy before ditching me). She isn't your property and she will do as she pleases. All you can do is move on, or at least find a distraction in the mean time. You said you've already met some new girls, so you're already doing better than a lot of guys.


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  • Maybe talk to her and try to get her back if you still have feelings for her-but if you only want sex--then leave her be so she can be happy with someone new.


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