I'm coming out of a divorce, and I don't know how to get back out there?

Just like the title says. I'm coming out of a divorce (a very sudden, unexpected one, and not my choice), and I don't know how to get back out there. To be honest I wasn't really out there in the first place. She made the first move, basically just to get out her previous relationship. I had already given up on myself at the time, and now after being used for five years and then kicked to the curb I'm right back where I started. My job doesn't take me close to a lot of available women and all my friends are married or in the process of getting that way, and none have any single friends. I don't trust dating sites, they all seem like scams to me, and I am definitely not going to go sit around a bar by myself looking for one night stands. I wanted to be a good husband and father, but I'm already getting past the point where that can be a possibility. To top it off, the experience has severely damaged my ability to trust anyone. My (ex) wife was the first and only person I have ever truly trusted, and that ended about as badly as it could without her actually harming a member of my family. Most days I can't even pretend to have hope for the future. Today's a better day, and I'm at least trying to entertain the notion. But no matter how hard I try, I can't figure out how I'll ever meet anyone else.

I don't really know what I'm asking. Just advice of any kind, I guess. Things to consider. Anything that can give me a confidence boost would be good, though that's not really possible here, I suppose.
And the first response I get is a PM from a spambot, lol. That'll help the old trust issue,
I'm updating this just to get it back up on the board. There's still an MHO up for grabs ;-) . Any personal experiences to share, or similar situations?


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  • I'm sure you have one or more things that intrest you. Join a group that is geared twords your intrest. Take time for yourself and enjoy life , once you do that it helps boost confidance and makes you more open to meeting new people. Best of luck to you.


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  • Well, since you said your job doesn't take you near any available women, try switching to a job that does. That would be my first action if I were in your position. I'm sure you're a good looking guy and you seem like a genuinely nice person. Any woman would be an idiot for not seeing that gold mine. Take the initiative to get a job near plenty of women that would notice you. Be who you really are, and actively interact with the girls. Something is bound to happen.

    • I work in a well paying industrial trade. It's... not really something you just leave. But thank you for the kind words, all the same.

    • I can understand that predicament :P And you are very welcome :D

  • If you figure it out pls tell me

    • Will do. Keep checking back. Maybe someone else here will be able to help you too!

  • Take your time babe and try not to rush into anything. Everything will work out how you want it to. Just be patient :)

    • Thank you for your response. I want to believe you, but I've been patient most of my life and I have nothing to show for it. I need to do something. Just don't know what.

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