What do you say to crush ur ex's ego?

I broke up recently and it reali kills me to know i spent so many days with a guy whos a ass,,, so i want to dedicate a song ,,,


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  • Simple, get married have a child. Send him a picture of your happy family, while he is single and lonely.

    That works guaranteed, it worked on me, I am now crushed, depressed, and don't know what to do with my life.

    I will do one of those things:

    A) Hope that I die. Suicide is sadly not an option.
    B) Hope that her husband dies so we can be together.
    C) Study bio engineering and created a killer virus.

    If God does not intervene in my life, you have 30 years of happiness in this world, enjoy it.
    Then the world will end. The only girl I ever loved has crushed me, now I have nothing but hate.

    Be careful what you want:

    When you show love, without condition, to others, you walk in My Name. By your actions, others will follow your example. Man responds to love with love, just as hatred breeds hatred. To conquer hatred you must always respond with love, for love weakens the spirit of evil. If enough people showed love to each other, in every aspect of their lives, then hatred could not thrive.

    Your Jesus


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  • so many days? blah i wasted so many seconds reading this.
    I wouldn't give him the oz of spit he's worth.
    just let it go.. no need to sink yourself to his level.

  • Full of Ego here. :)
    Call him Mr. Pee wee.


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