Should I believe my boyfriend that he's not cheating?

We've been together over a month but I found out he has been visiting his ex girlfriend a couple of times a week for the last few months.

I confronted him and said if he has been cheating i'll walk away right now. He said that they're just good friends but he's never mentioned her apart from telling me he was with his last girlfriend for almost a year.

Since then he's been so much nicer to me. We haven't spoken about it but I can't stop thinking about it because my instinct is telling me different. All my friends says to finish him because he's clearly cheating on me. What do i do?


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  • Of course he is cheating... He is being nice because he was caught out... He is going to end up hurting you... I have been there. I agree with your friends... End it and find someone honest and more deserving of you...


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  • If you have ever heard the old expression: "Can't live with em, can't without em," this is 'Clearly' the cut case with your other half and His Ex. They found that even though they can't have this Real relationship, they can at least have a friends factor one, which seems to be working for Them. However, Not working for you...
    I call this a "Triangle threesome," because you're at the very top, looking down and Around, from side to side. And it can get real complicated, real old real Quick.
    I don't blame you, sweetie. Time for some new changes.
    Tell your Sweetie pie he can't have his cake and eat it too. Take your pick... Although you can't prove there is any proof in his pudding, One thing Could very well lead to another. And it's not even him so much. She could be having her hand in the cookie jar. If you stand for this, you're sure to Stoop for whatever other poop he throws your way.
    Even though he gives you this Scoop about 'walking away right now,' no telling in the months to come if you may find out Something was cooking after all, and you would end up giving him his walking papers.
    I don't feel with You in his life Why he feels a need to go see his Ex a few times a week. Apparently, he is Missing a link with you, and I don't mean Sex, and finds This 'Attachment' with her, as to Why they are still hooked at the hip.
    Sit down and have a another talk with him. It's not going away and neither will your feelings or This Feeling about the both of them together. If he doesn't want to abide by your wishes or respect them as well, maybe it's time to tell him to Not let the door hit him in the butt as he 'Clearly' walks out your door.
    I find it uncanny, I find it a slap in your face, and I find that the situation itself Can't be trusted, and if he is with You, he doesn't Need any other Sweethearts.
    Good luck, stand your ground. xx


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  • If you can't trust him, don't waste his time. There's absolutely no evidence from what you told that he's really cheating. There are many guys on good terms with their exes (I'm one of them) without any further meaning behind.
    If you have evidence, then it's a different case but you didn't state any here.

  • You'll have to try to hape some open talks with him about it. He could be honest since it's quite normal you still feel some kind of bond with someone you've been together with for a long time. It could simply be since he left her and doesn't want to let her fall into a black hole.
    It could be wrong, but it should not necessarrily be wrong!
    If he starts to talk openly about it, it's probably okay. But if he closes up and tries to hide things, something's wrong indeed.

  • Without trust, you have nothing.

    And you, my dear, have no trust. So you have nothing. Might as well break up.


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  • Personally I don't see why anyone NEEDS to be friends with their ex's... to me that is a boundary that is being crossed because like it or not, for me there's always still something in the air when I'm with my ex's and I know I'm not alone. Which is why I never stay friends with them. Obviously the ideal is to be on friendly terms with them but this doesn't mean you need to visit them all the time and waste time that you could have spent with your actual girlfriend or boyfriend. That's how I see it. Whether he is cheating or not... I can't say BUT what I can say is that if he doing it in secret and ditching you to spend time with her sometimes then I'd question why he's even in this relationship. The only time I might hang out with a ex is if it's on a mutual friend outing where there are other people too.


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