Any advice for a broken hearted girl who wants her boyfriend back?

So I could just use any advice at this point because I feel completely lost. My boyfriend of over a year broke up with me two weeks ago and I'm a wreck. I know that he's the one I want to spend the rest of my life with and I want to do anything to get him back as sad as that is, I truly believe in my core that we're meant to be together. We've been long distance for 6 months (he was student teaching) but 2 weeks ago he told me it wasn't going to work, that he felt it wasn't right anymore and everything about the future was getting too hard. He's a teacher now and I have another semester in school. I was going to take some time off then move up to be with him. He had always talked about us being meant for each other and now this.
I'd been doing no contact, but last week he texted me out of the blue saying something about how hard it was to hear our song, so he had to turn it off. I don't know what that means.. if he broke up with me why would be texting me? I dont want to play games, the whole no contact thing to me seems silly and like a game, and he's already texted me. I want to do some giant gesture to show him what I want and how I feel but all this no contact stuff tells me otherwise. Plus I have things of his and he has things of mine to return, I haven't asked for them though because I'm so scared of doing something that will jeopardize getting him back.
I know that he's the one I'm meant to spend my life with and I want to do anything to get him back. I'm trying to give him space and accept things for myself but I've been so confused since he texted me and I don't know what to do about our stuff. I want to do anything but I just don't know what to do. Does anyone have any advice for what actions I should take from here? If no contact is really the way to get him back? Also with the stuff that we have of each others and him texting me? Anything helps!


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  • Just because someone breaks up with you doesn't mean it's not hard for them too. That's why he would have said that to you. He also must care for you, because that's his way of telling you he's hurting to so he doesn't seem all cold about it like you meant nothing to him. Don't jump into thinking just because he contacted you that he wants to be with you. This is a hard situation, because ordinarily, I tell you to go find the hottest guy you can and make sure your ex see's you with him. Sounds childish and immature, but it works. Trust me it works. Doesn't even have to be a hot guy necessarily, just as long as he see's you moving on. Guys a lot of times want what they can't have. I'm not sure why he broke up with you. If there is another woman, or what, but I would hold off on the grand gesture right now. The last thing I'd want if I just broke up with someone is to have them do something big that put them out or cost them money if I wasn't interested in getting back with them. It would almost make me feel uncomfortable.

    • didn't mean to thumbs down that sorry, thanks for the advice!

  • Seems like you two need to have a serious talk and lay everything on table be honest with one another and tell each other how you really feel. Ask him the questions you want answered and then it'll probably put you in a better place then you are now. I believe honesty makes things better for everyone.


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