Why does my ex girlfriend still impact me?

My aunt is here from Arizona and she was telling me about how life was in Arizona and she mentioned my ex, who is from there, saying how my ex looked a little worn. Anyway, after the conversation I like felt it and it impacted me, that is why I am asking the question. I have no desire to ever be with her again. I do not think about her at all, and yet I was still impacted. Why do you think that is? thanks


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  • Because you loved her. I think we always carry a little bit of the people we love/loved with us. Just because you don't want to be with her anymore doesn't mean that all of your experiences with her disintegrated into nothingness.

    • I find your answer extremely helpful and reasonable. Even if the love was foolish and some infatuation was involved?

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    • Yeah, no problem :)

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  • Because you care about her even if you don't love her anymore

    • Why do you say that? Would you share any experience or the reason behind your answer please? thanks

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  • You loved her... that pretty much explains it


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