My plan backfired what to do now? Still in love with her?

I wanted to make my ex fall back in love with me after I screwed up five months ago. So I decided to throw a pool party like how we first met and my friend invited her and her friends. She ended up not going and none of her friends went. Her friend said they were at her boyfriend's house having their own party because it would be awkward if they came since I have a new girlfriend. I don't have a new girlfriend that's the thing I don't know where she heard that. And the fact she has a new boyfriend troubles me like I can't win her back. I was talking to one of her good friends and she explained to me once she heard I got a new girlfriend she started dating someone else right away. So is there hope for us? I love her so much and I regret our break up very much so.
I was devastated she didn't show up I've been trying to get back in shape for her and I made her favorite foods to eat. :


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  • How long has she been going out with this guy? Get someone who knows some of her friends to find out if the guy really likes/loves her. If he doesn`t like/love her or he is a complete jerk, then maybe you can do something original and sweet to win her back. Tell her how sorry you are, how much you still love her, etc. And if you really do, she`ll be able to see that.

    • They've been going out for about I think two weeks now or something like that

    • Unless they have known each other a while longer than those two weeks, I don`t think it could have grown into love. Is there a reason you told her you weren`t feeling anything and seeing someone else? She could just be trying to get you back.

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  • I think so! she's trying to cover feelings for you by making herself develop new ones for the rebound

  • what exactly did you screw up?

    • I told her I wasn't feeling anything and I met someone else. I left her and after dating around I knew I took her for granted and I would never do that again. Some guys change and I did change. Don't tell me I don't deserve her because there is not one day I don't go to bed without thinking about her wanting to reverse time to fix things. I wake up every morning reminiscing of when she would wake me up by jumping on the bed and laughing.

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    • Well I thought it would work since I heard from some people she clearly wasn't over me. My friend told me she told him she would take me back anyday.

    • uh ok then good for you? why isn't she with you then? chill out, take a step back, and give her space, you come off a little relentless.

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