What are signs visible to the public that a girl is on her way out of a relationship?

- she mentions how stressful making vacation with him is
- she doesn't wear any jewlery she received from him publicly anymore
- she mentions him less/she doesn't say his name but is referring to "we"
- other [please elaborate]
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  • What you mentioned sounds about right.
    She'll start making plans to do things with her friends, where you can't be included. She'll be well dressed, when she goes to meet them.
    She'll be starting friendships with people you never get to meet. She might talk about them, but won't want to introduce them or introduce you to them.

    You're also likely to get a lot of negative reaction, and nothing you do will be appreciated. There must be more, but that's all that comes to mind quickly.

    • thanks! Keep posting them here if you have more. Bye :)

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  • I'd say emotional distance in general is a pretty big sign. Not including him in her plans or making (significant) plans without him. Having/making excuses not to spend time with him. Lack of affection/intimacy (and enthusiasm). And not caring (at all, or a lot less) about her physical appearance when she's around or with him. Less phone calls, text and communication in general.


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