I hung out with my ex and here's what happened... thoughts?

So I hung out with my ex a few nights ago after a he broke up with me a month ago. He invited me to his party and was very attentive, giving me smiles all night. We went out with a group to a bar afterwards and he bought me dinner and sat with me. He drove me to the train station at the end, gave me a kiss and hug and asked me if I wanted to get together again on Saturday. He said emotionally he is not in a place for anything heavy (he is getting over a divorce and is broke, that's why we broke up), but would like to spend time with me and hang if that was something I wanted to do. Thoughts?


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  • He enjoys your company but isn't at a place where it can become anything more.
    If you're okay with that then continue on.

    He wants to have affection, care and possibly intimacy with no strings attached.


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  • Be there for him. What he told you is a lame ass excuse though so I don't know it may seem as if he wants you to be a friend with benifits.. Do not let him do this to you.

    • Well not a lame excuse really - he is a 44 year old man with a lot if baggage. Sometimes people are not emotionally available, ESP after a divorce. It's up to me to decide if I want that kind of no strings attached relationship.

    • Exactly It's up to you I don't understand the problem.. I don't really condone this behavior on behalf of you.. If you start to develop more feelings toward him and want something more and he doesn't then it's not fair for you

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