Help and confuse before I was gonna say closure?

Me my ex broke up 2 months ago and she said that she wasing happy and I was wondering why after I support her and kid 2 kids I haven't talk to her for like 4 days straight and I've been downing and wondering what I did wrong then one morning I've decided to talk to her to have closure but instead I didn't say my closure to her I ask her why you treating me like this and that I'm trying to figure out what was the reason why she unhappy and ask her that have you ever thought about me or us being back she said yes I have and she has and she told me why I'm
Being like I'm mad or something and I told her I'm not she said to me rememebr I told you I still love you and that I need to understand her and her emotions... right there i was speechless and confuse...


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