I reaallly don't wanna loose anyone but I realllly don't wanna be in a relationship?

I have 2 very amazing very different guys that want to be involved with me... long term... I have been in a relationship for the last five years and it was a pretty bad one... I just want to have fun now... I have told them this and both have said I'll wait. I have tried really hard to tell them that isn't okay and they can't do that. Honestly I dont think that's right anyway. I don't want to lose either of them though by being a bitch either.. and my best friend of 10 professed his love for me and its sorta... twisted... I don't know what to say or how to handle this... options?


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  • Arrange a date with each one at the same place same time without telling them, then tell them your story and have them decide among themselves who is best for you.

  • Technically you have no choice. According to research, you lose a close friend from your circle when you gain a lover


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