Says I'm being real bitchy for feeling this way. Guys, am I?

I bought my boyfriend a pair of chubbies for his birthday. We ended up breaking up a little while after I purchased them. I didn't want to give them to him anymore because I still had feelings for him, but he was making me feel like crap so I eventually gave in. I dropped them off at his house a month after his birthday. Definitely a hard thing to do. We got in a fight because I told him I'm tired of texting with him everday and that I'm starting to have negative feelings towards him. I told him how I was pissed that I gave him those expensive shorts. He responded back with that's really bitchy of you to say that. Guys, am I in the wrong here for feeling the way I do?


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  • ? I am confused. Why would you give him crutches if you broke up? Was it because you bought them previous to the break up? negative feelings why? why were you pissed?

    • Yes I bought them previous to the breakup.

  • , if you didn't like him... you shouldn't have given them to him. You paid for them, tell him to step off.

    • I did. And that's when he said that. I just feel dumb for giving them to him:/

    • Just get past it.

      Here's an example I heard off of a video about xboyfriends or xgirlfriends.

      They are like food... they're good when you eat them but once they're out of your system, why would you put the effort forth in eating it again. Why would you eat your own crap?

      Idk, it's a little silly... but it's what I thought of in your situation. Just tell him off and let him go. Don't even talk to him, not even as friends.

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