How to deal with rejection? Give a reason?

So, the only girl I loved for 10 years betrayed me and has a child with another.

Now, I think about studying Biotech and Medicine and unleash a killer virus upon humanity.

Any reasons, why I shouldn't do that?
Other than that it is evil, please.


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  • Do you really want 1 person to have that much influence and power over you?

    • Finally a good answer. No, I don't. I just can't stop my feelings. Any ideas how?

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    • Well, I guess I'll try. If it doesn't work I can go back to that idea, in some years. If you hear in 30 years from a killer virus, that was probably me. Enjoy your life.

    • Same to you, It gets better though man. Trust me.

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What Girls Said 2

  • Not all people are bad. Just because one girl hurt you doesn't mean you should take it out on everyone.

    • I have yet to find the good ones.

  • This reminds me of Ted Bundy

    • Who? looked it up, neh, I want to be loved, that is all. Enjoy your life, if I don't find happiness your children will wake up in a nightmare.

    • You're talking about killing people

What Guys Said 2

  • Do you at least have a really cool name for your killer virus? Do you have henchmen? What about a cool nickname for yourself?

    • T-virus ;)

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    • Yeah, but the movies are cool.

    • That they are.

  • U r sick... why to wait for so long and do hard work... Death's day is Doomsday! Just hang yourself.

    • I don't want kill myself, I want someone to love me, but all I got was pain, so the most logic consequent is to make all other humans relate to me.

      I am not sick, I am a product of this world.

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