My brother made me feel bad of myself should I feel this way?

I am crushing on a guy he is married I have him on social networks and I know his ex not personally but I know how she looks like.. Anyways they aren't together anymore I don't know why but the point is they are still married even tho she's found someone else.

My brother made me feel bad saying that I have her husband on social media I felt like the other woman even tho we aren't doing anything bad at all.. Except talking and stuff
Is it bad that I'm doing that?

Should I feel guilty even tho they aren't "together" and she's with someone else?


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  • naw... you're good... especially since she's found someone else. Just move slow just in case she comes back and then he wants to be back with her. You don't want to get hurt yourself.


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  • If she is with someone else and they aren't together, that marriage means nothing. You're fine girl.

    • U think?

    • Yea, it seriously doesn't mean anything, you should treat him like his single, you might be a bit careful though, as he might not be over her.

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