Is she thinking about me like I am her?

We dated for 1 year exact and broke up before her birthday which kinda favored me just because she had bought me things for my birthday lol. I just can't seem to stop thinking about what we had and how great it was being around each other. When we were not together is when we had fights. We had future plans like marriage kids etc, but 1 month goes by and 2 weeks with out contact she has moved on to another guy. The first 2 weeks we broke up she was calling me begging me back and when I was ignoring the calls after she gave me closure she even called my mom for desperate measures. So I gave in because I knew I loved her and when I gave in we were talking about our previous problems which lead into not getting over it and how she was still hurt.. so the next day she texts me saying she shouldn't have called me and she was sorry.. I'm just curious if she's still thinking about me with this guy she is with now?


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  • Dude, try calling her or if you see her tell her how you feel. This is a sad story. Am not much of a helper but I hope you get her back.

    • She knows how I feel so calling her would just show me being desperate. Besides the last text I sent was a apology for thehurtful things i said and that i hope her and her son is blessed each day. And all i got was she appreciates it but i need to let it go, then a week later she's in a relationship with another guy

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