I can't he over him, and we never dated?

There wasn't any contact between us, as he would just stare at me all the time so I thought " maybe he's interested " so I decided to try and contact him but he would never answer me just read the messages I sent him... After a while he started like really staring hard again so I gave it another try.. Nothing. It finally came down to him embarrassing me an getting his friends on me. Mostly everyone I know tells me that he likes/liked me. It is now summer an I still keep thinking about him. I'm even hoping he's in some of my classes next year, I pray that he doesn't forget about me and I still feel as though to cry over it every now and then. Please help I can't get over him. He didn't make it any easier for me because after the embarrassing story happened, he was staring at me harder then ever when my back was turned towards him and it hurts me when he does that. But I also like it. Please help, I don't know what to do?


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  • Either he has a staring problem, he likes you and doesn't want anyone to know, or he's playing with your emotions

  • I know it sounds hard but you should have just actually approached him and talked. That way you would get a guaranteed reaction and reply from him. Try messaging him again and telling him how much you like him, ask him to give you a straight up reply on whether he feels the same about you so you know whether you should just move on or not. It's summer, express yourself to him. If nothing works out at least you won't have to stress about him for the rest of summer and you can start fresh when you restart school again :)


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