Help on how to break up with my boyfriend?

He dosent text me back anymore. We have 5 min convo's a day and that's it, I won't hear from him till the next day. This has been going on a lot lately. He'll tweet a bunch but bluntly ignore my text. Im ready to call it quits once he decides to text me back. When I explain this to him, what should I say?


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  • Be like if you can see my text can you call me we need to talk and if he calls you bluntly say we are breaking up baiiii lol


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  • It sounds as though he has been giving you his own Helpful Hints in wanting to break off, break up and not giving any Mind to this Matter as to even having the Manly Manners to confront You with This. I recognize his red flag signs. However, you sound like a lady with Class, Unlike His that is attached to his ass.
    Being he doesn't 'text you back anymore,' you may not even get a Retort Nor a Snort when you push the button on your end. I would normally tell someone who is breaking this off to do it in person, but it seems useless, pointless, at this Point.
    Text him: "I think it's best if we split up, baby. This isn't working for me anymore. If you want to talk it out, text me back and perhaps we can get together and talk it out. If I don't hear from you, I will assume that you want This as well."
    No guarantee that he won't just continue putting you on his pay no mind list. But at least it will be a big burden off of your back that this 'Tweet a bunch' will most likely just move on, spreading his wings now that things have gone South.
    Good luck. xx


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  • I say tell him exactly what you just said up there & expand on it a little more bc it honestly seems like he won't care either way. Hope it all works out!


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