Why did he break up with me? LDR?

Out of nowhere my long distant relationship ended. I never met him, but he was my friend's friend in Sweden (that's how we were introduced). We've been talking for over a year and everything was fine. He would call me everyday, and we'll talk about each other's days, sometimes talk about intimate things and serious things... I really enjoyed these moments.

But last week, out of nowhere he said, "we should stop talking for a while", without any explanation and then me being desperate I called many times, but no answer. A few days later he said," I met a girl, even thought I know it's not real. I'll miss talking to you"

I'm not sure if he said this to make me feel better or if he is genuinely saying this...

I really miss him, and I just want to meet him to figure things out between us... or at least talk on the phone which he hasn't picked up. But I'm afraid to. I haven't talked to him for 3 days now...

I recently graduated, and I finally have a job and I was thinking of going there to visit him since he is still studying. I don't know if a) he really meant the things he says b) if it's worth going there to visit. Just so I can see and really talk with him.

I just don't know what to do now
I just want to talk to anyone who has been through my situation


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  • Here's my opinion: give him a final communication and ask him "are you willing to start something serious with me if I visit you?" If he says no, then you tried your best and you mustn't worry, it happens all the time.

  • Having a girl you can only talk to over the phone is nothing like having one there in person that you can actually touch and spend time with. I'm sure he probably will miss talking to you but that over the phone stuff isn't going to last forever. I mean really you've never even met this guy and you say he's your boyfriend no offense but that's a little weird to me.


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