Her ugly kid is one thing that ruins her attraction?

Guys do you ever feel this way?

Have you ever been with a girl who is super hot but they are dumb, clueless and they have a hideous kid?

I know this girl who is super attractive but she's so dumb

And I think, "well at least she's hot"

But then I see her on Facebook next to her ugly kid.

It ruins everything's !

When I break up with her after her being dumb and promiscuous I sometimes think? "Oh she wasn't that bad"

But then I see her ugly kid and it ruins it all!
Let's all be nice, people.

It's just a plain and simple question.

Love ya
Y'all still mad at me? :(


Most Helpful Girl

  • Some guy who was dating my friend, told her that her kid looks like an abortion gone wrong.

    • Sorry, but just like not every adult is good looking, and some are ugly, some kids can be ugly to.
      Obviously the parents will think the kid is beautiful, and I guess that's what's most important.
      But people should stop pretending ugly kids don't exist, seriously, these ugly adults come from somewhere.

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    • I'm glad you are honest :)

    • She's really dumb, guys can do anything to her, so she took him back. He stormed off after he said it, ignored her for a week and came back for sex.
      Not in a bad way, but some single mothers are just happy a man accepts them with a child. Loads of girls I've met in relationships who are single mothers say they are grateful a man likes them when they have a kid smh... then they accept any crap he throws at them.
      Not all, I know a few really strong minded girls who a single mothers, but there are loads who just put up with whatever and are extremely grateful a man will even look at them twice when they have a kid. Kinda sad really, but hey, it's their own choice, they could leave if they didn't like it, they stay so they must kind of enjoy it lol.

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What Girls Said 10

  • tsss if i know you're the one who is so freakin ugly. your mom gave birth of you after 9 mos but you look like 9 weeks when you were born. dang! :)

    • That was cute ;)

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    • hahaha lame.. try harder

    • I wasn't trying. I thought you said, "Deformed mother" so I lol'ed and then said, deformed mother"

  • Thirsty for some bad attention I see.. I bet that kid is thinking the same way about you.

    • The water is turned off in my apartment

  • This is a very terrible post. I am pretty sure this is a troll. No one can possibly be this inhumane.

    • I never knew what troll meant up until a few years ago.

      Before that I just thought people on the internet were really mean.

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    • This is why you're a guru :)

    • Pretty soon.. I will be your Master ;P

  • I am sure your child will be the future brad pitt. NOT. Pretty sure no one is this immature and stupid. This has to be a joke.

    • I actually named my child Bradley and his middle name is Pitt

  • oh wow so you won't date a girl just because her kid is unattractive?

  • Haha that's so messed up
    I want to see how you look like

  • ... that's not very nice.

    • Wait. You're answer might be best

    • She's right!! That's not nice!! Why do you act like that? Why say anything at all?

  • You are an awful person.

  • You're a screwed up old man.

    • Meh! The other two answers were better

      But yours was alright

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    • I am cured. Thanks for the therapy session :)

    • you're welcome. Anytime old man ;)

What Guys Said 2

  • Who cares if she looks attractive if she's dumb?
    Intelligence is genetically hereditary.

    Her kid is the least amount of problem.

    • This is AWESOME!

      Thanks for sending

  • Always be nice to the kid and the dumber the better


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