How do I tell my boyfriend that I want to give it another try after trying to break up with him?

Its been rough for a while and wasn't getting better so I sent a long paragraph (its a long distance relationship) on why i was ending it and how i felt. But his reply back sounded like he really does care and love me he realized what was going wrong and he sincerely apologized. He asked me "please dont end it" after what he said i dont want end it, i never stopped loving him i just didn't feel his love, how do i say i dont want to end it anymore... I feel like an idiot after i just tried to end it how can i do this


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  • Tell him that you forgive him, but he stern that you don't want him to stop caring for you. You've got to put it in plain English as emotional people tend to be less able to understand when they're hyper or sad.


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  • I think a better question is why are you ending it by sending a paragraph? Did you write a letter and send it with one of those mailing pigeons?

    Kinda low to break up with someone in writing, or text, or even by the phone for that matter, regardless of reason, unless it involved cheating.

    These are the circumstances that are best dealt with in person, so if possible, you should make it happen. If not, CALL HIM and solve the problem. He needs to her your voice, not reading a paragraph.

    As far as what to say, tell him a lot of the things you put in your question. Admit you jumped the gun, but make known that there are problems that need working on.

    • If calling or seeing him was an option i definitely would have done it that way, but it wasnt. Thanks for the help

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