Why is my ex doing this? Thoughts please?

My ex broke up with me due to his own life complications about 2 months ago. Since then he's been contacting me and being a bit weird. A guy friend of mine told me that a few guys have been asking him about me, asking if I'm cool and nice (they didn't know that we had dated) and he's pretending he doesn't know me and can't give them any info on me. Is he just being possessive and territorial?


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  • He's being both, but only because of the sudden interest in you by others. I don't think he's genuine. Try him though, just be real slow slash friendzone.


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  • Not at all.
    He's being a stupid jerk.
    Many guys suffer from low boundaries; women have higher boundaries.
    For example, fewer women "play around" if given the chance.


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