How do I get over a jerk and stop thinking about what I did?

This wasn't a break-up, but I went further than I ever wanted to with a total jerk. I let him charm me and I trusted him and I acted stupid, knowing fully well that it could never ever go well or go anywhere.

The problem is I can't get this stupid jerk out of my head, and it's been two weeks. I was still attracted to him when all was said and done, even though I couldn't stand him at some level.

I probably won't ever see him again, and I knew that and I'm happy about it. So I don't know why some of the stuff he said or did keeps popping into my head. I don't know if it's because I went further with him than I have any other guy, or because he knew how to mess with my head.

I just want to know how to get this mind f*** out of my head--fantasies and memories and crap. But I don't want to just go find some other guy because of it and try to replace it. That could lead to a slippery slope. Because I regret and feel guilty about what I did with him.


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  • It is now a part of you. Your good and bad experiences are what make you you. We all make mistakes, own them. The key is to learn from your mistakes. Don't worry about that guy, just use you knowledge of what happened to know what you want/don't want.


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  • Here's a music video that got me over this gorgeous girl that left me for another dude: We're In This Together by Nine Inch Nails.

    You got to be strong, you got to say each morning: Today's a beautiful day!


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