I was dumped Im toasting for it! Life is full of roses what about you? BEST NIGHT OF MY LIFE?

I was dumped an hour ago. My BF dumped me Im toasting for it, he dumped me cause of his ex that had cheated on him twice!
Im having the best night of my life what about you?
Now tell me jokes or anything!
No ko no I changed my mind I want to hear jokes! Lame ass jokes


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  • Guy walks to the beach and sees a girl with no arms and no legs crying. He approaches her and asks her "what's wrong honey"? She says "I have never been kissed before", so he bends down and gives her a quick kiss. The nest day he goes back to the beach. Again he sees the same woman with no arms and no legs crying. He approaches her and says "what is wrong this time sweetheart?"... she says " no one has ever fondled me". So... he looks around to see it's safe and fondles her tits rather quickly and he walks off. The next day he goes to the beach and he sees the same girl with no arms and no legs and sees she is crying yet again. He says "now what's wrong this time?"... she says..."no one has ever fucked me"... so... he looks around and sees no one looking and picks her up and throws her in the ocean and says "now you're fucked".

    • Jaahas hahah

    • And hey chin up. You seem cool and that dude was just a fuckwad (until you take him back lol... kidding kidding... kind of)

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  • Yay! Good on you. If I knew you, I'd toast with you haha


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  • well if you're really happy about it then congratulations girl!:D today was a good day:D

  • How about I "un-dump" you and carry you in my arms around the beach where the wind blows rose pedals on us. ;)

    • Thats sweet we can take Jack Daniel's bottle with us!;)

    • make it 2 :)

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