Has anyone had a long term relationship and left for someone else then regretted?

Just wondering if any guys out there (or girls) have had a long term relationship then met someone else and then you left to be with that person, then wanted your ex back? My ex left me 3 months ago after a 3 year relationship for a 17 year old, he's 26 (17 isn't illegal here in nz) and I'm currently 5 months pregnant with our son. He's told me he's never coming back that he's so happy and they announced their relationship SO fast and publicised it all over Facebook and now living together at his mothers. I'm still devastated didn't see it coming and she knew we were having a baby. He has a 7 year old from previous relationship and he's a good dad, so I know me being pregnant didn't scare him off we were trying. But I'm hoping he comes to his senses and realises what we are worth, what can a girl that age offer? :-( has anyone regretted leaving their ex and how long did it take to realise?


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  • I lived with my ex for a little over 3 years, I found a 3 month job out at sea. After about 2 months out she left me and stole most the money I had made. Shortly after I got back she came to see me. She had a new boyfriend who was beating her and was super controlling. She begged for me to take her back. I didn't trust her anymore so I refused.

    Last week I found out she's having that guys baby and there getting married. What a bitch! They deserve each other

    A 17 year old is nothing but a nice body. You have brains he will come crawling back im sure once he remembers how stupid girls are at that age. If I were you I would tell him to hit the bricks when he does


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