What was the point of all this back and forth crap?

So my ex broke my damn heart. He got into a relationship wit some other chick. He and I talked every single day. Either he texted or called or I did anyways I did no contact didn't last more than a week we kinda work together. We remained cool I was still hurting but I couldn't let go completely and apparently neither could he. We went out a couple of times but last night we argued about the break up he said that I stressed him out too much (I did become clingy and insecure) I can admit that part. After all the I love yous and miss you drama with tears ect. We spent the night together. Now I feel like shit. He is right now texting me random stuff. WHATS THE POINT. WHATS HIS ANGLE?


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  • You are both hanging onto the familiarity of the relationship. Neither seems to be able to quit it cold turkey. His angle is to erase his cheating, and it sounds like with being around each other, keeps both of you from ending it. You two while you have an unhealthy relationship, you are both horribly attracted to one another, and like a drug, you can't say no.
    To end it, no contact has to happen. No working together, no talking, seeing each other, texting, anything. As time passes and you move past him, you won't care anymore.


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