Who here as experienced a recent break up? Are you still in love with your ex?

Why did you guys break up, how old are you guys, and how long were you dating?
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  • I have been married to my husband out in Egypt for Three years now. He found me on FB, and after getting to know him and his lovely family through Yahoo and Skype, I flew over to him, where I had stayed for 30 days. Three months later, I returned, where we had tied the knot in Cairo.
    After returning back to the states, we had many problems, many ups and downs. We had split up, off and on, took many breaks even more, but no matter how many times we did this, we always stayed in love, would return to one another, and try and work it out.
    Recently Again, we just reunited. Of course, being it Has been this Pattern of hot and cold, I never Know, even as of Today, when we see one another online, if we are going to Still be together or Once more---Take a break, even Breaking up.
    The bottom line is, if he should divorce me tomorrow, which he has threatened to do because many things have been much my fault here, we agreed to Always love and cherish one another, for even when I can't always get over there as much as I would like, we would always have this special bond, This Muslim man and Christan girl...
    With Love so special, so strong, the expression still holds true for some of us: "Can't live em, can't live without em."xx

    • Nice story. Err life story.

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    • Gave you MH cause you were the most descriptive!!

    • Shokran, sweetie (Thank you)... It was something to read anyways...:)) xx

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  • It's not really recent... It happened a while ago...
    I was 16 then and so was he. We went out for 10 months in total... 10 months, 1 week and 2 days to be exact. The first month was wonderful, we spent lots of time together and I was really starting to fall for him...
    As the second month came by... I guess he got bored with me, he lied to me to go out with other girls and such. He use to get into a rage when I hung around with my guy friends.
    I caught him red handed once and he tried to pass it off saying she was an old friend and that they were just catching up. She later added me on Facebook and told me everything. The people he was seeing, the lies he had told me.
    I broke up with him immediately, not even bothering telling him face to face. He disgusted me. Everything I had felt for him disappeared in an instant. He kept on believing that I was in love with him and he kept on telling me that he wanted me back. After a while he got aggressive. He would come to the bus stop I would wait at after school and it got violent. I live further away from school than anyone else so no one else took my bus and after around 5pm the road would be deserted except for the bus which comes every 30 minutes. This happened exactly three times and on the fourth my friends saw one day and beat him up a bit and threatened to call the police the next time he did that again.
    I didn't take public transport for a few months. It was pretty traumatising... He had pulled my hair, slapped me, forcefully kissed me, touched me inappropriately and made me touch his penis. It probably would have gone even further if my friends didn't stop him. I never told anyone of this. I was too scared.
    So I feel no love for my ex whatsoever. Now I'm in a relationship with one of the guys that helped me out that day. He's my best friend and every minute with him is wonderful.

  • He was 35, I am 43. We were together 1 month and 2 weeks exclusive. I am not still in love with him because I was never in love with him yet-but yes I still care about him. I broke up with him 2 weeks ago today. I had a first date last night with a new man and am looking forward to seeing where this one leads. Waste no time, life is too short.

  • We broke up because he cheated and we generally weren't compatible anymore, I'm 22 he's 24, we were dating for 4 years. No I don't love him, I barely give a rat's ass about his well being.

  • I still love him and we were together for a little less than 7months. I broke up with him due to lack of communication. Ages 18 and 19.

    • Have you tried getting back together with him?

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    • Is he shy? It seems like he's trying to hide his true feelings. But I do think he likes u. He seems to be really sweet at times, like buying u a gift.

    • He doesn't act shy but he is. Yeah :)

  • We broke up years ago and I am still obsessed/infatuated with him. I know that I've been single for a long time.. but I just can't look at other people without feeling like I'm betraying him.

  • Love him yes indeed, But it takes two to make it work.. have a read if you wish www.girlsaskguys.com/.../q1088076-can-anyone-make-sense-of-this-head-heart-hurting

  • 4 years, 1 kid. 29 and 30.

  • 3 years. we broke up last year due to lack of communication we started dating 1 year before he went to college. I moved on I don't love him anymore


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